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Embracing the Kiwi Spirit

At the core of BGT Immigration lies a deep-rooted love for New Zealand - its stunning landscapes, thriving prosperity, and the warm, welcoming community that both native and new Kiwis cherish. As a boutique immigration firm nestled in the heart of this beautiful country, we embody the true Kiwi spirit in everything we do. Our local presence not only gives us direct access to an extensive network of providers and services but also allows us to offer you invaluable local insights that only true New Zealanders can.

Your Trusted Local Partner

New Zealand is more than just a destination for us; it's home. This intimate connection with our land enables BGT Immigration to offer perspectives and guidance that stand apart from the rest. We're not just advisors; we're your local partners, deeply invested in helping you make New Zealand your home too.

Honesty, Transparency, and Personalised Service

Our main goal at BGT Immigration is to provide you with honest, transparent, and straightforward service. We take pride in our ability to offer a personalised, service-focused experience. By eliminating unnecessary complexities and time-consuming procedures often encountered with larger firms, we bring you the most value. Our boutique size is our strength - it means we're not overwhelmed with volume, allowing us to treat each client not as a number, but as a valued individual. This approach ensures that we engage with clients who we can genuinely assist and who are as committed to the immigration process as we are.

Every Client is a Priority

Choosing BGT Immigration means opting for a journey where you are always a priority. Our commitment to a personalised, client-focused service ensures that your immigration process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We are here to share the unique New Zealand experience with those who value what this extraordinary country has to offer, just like we do.

Meet Our Adviser: Brad Tynan

A Blend of Expertise and Local Insight

Brad, a provisionally licensed immigration adviser, brings a unique blend of professional expertise and deep local knowledge to BGT Immigration. Working under the direct supervision of Matthew Gibbons of OneStepNZ, Brad is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of New Zealand immigration with confidence and skill.

Diverse Background, Comprehensive Skills

Brad's journey to becoming an immigration professional is marked by a rich tapestry of experiences and academic achievements. With a Bachelor of Business Analysis, majoring in Accounting, Brad has honed his analytical and compliance skills through several years in management and accounting roles. This foundation in business analysis is complemented by his hands-on experience in customer service and retail, as well as his technical skills as a Land and Engineering Survey Technician. These diverse roles have not only equipped Brad with a multifaceted skill set but also prepared him to tackle a wide range of challenges in the immigration sector.

A True Kiwi at Heart

Born and raised in New Zealand, Brad's understanding of the local culture, business environment, and social landscape is unparalleled. He not only speaks the language but also knows the nuances of getting things done in New Zealand. Brad's extensive local network and his firsthand experience in the New Zealand business world are invaluable assets to those navigating the immigration process.

Your Trusted Partner in Immigration

With Brad as your adviser, you can expect more than just immigration advice. You'll gain a partner who is deeply invested in your success and well-versed in the intricacies of New Zealand life. Whether you're looking to study, work, or settle in New Zealand, Brad's unique combination of local insights and professional expertise makes him the ideal guide on your immigration journey.

Brad Tynan

IAA: 202200858


With BGT Immigration, you don't need to feel like you're battling to navigate New Zealand immigration alone.